Kodi 19 "Matrix" Open-Source Home Theater Released

Friday Feb 19th 2021 by Marius Nestor

After two years in development, here's what's new in Kodi's nineteenth iteration.

Dubbed "Matrix" after the well-known Hollywood movie franchise with the same name, Kodi 19 has been in development for the past two years. This nineteenth iteration comes with support for the AV1 video coding format, Python 3 support for add-ons, a new Matrix-inspired music visualization, and new settings to automatically open the full-screen music visualization window when playback is started.

Kodi 19 also improves the handling of multi-disc CD sets and box sets and handling of album release dates, adds support for changing the subtitle opacity and a new dark grey color for subtitles, adds support for file tags over HTTPS, improves the viewing quality of Pixel Art games, adds support for more OpenGL bicubic scalers, as well as various improvements to user information.

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